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Go for the Gold

Pastor Donnie ask the question what is the goal of a team or a member of an Olympic event? What is the goal for us as a church or as an individual? He takes a look at Paul’s statement in 1 Cor 9:24-27 and talks about our goals in relation to Paul’s model from this…

Maintaining Your Spiritual Momentum

Pastor Donnie deals with the subject of maintaining your spiritual momentum after we start our race in this christian life in the message “Maintaining Your Spiritual Momentum” We should actually pick up momentum not lose it as we go forward.

Playing War

Pastor Donnie challenges us in our walk with Christ as he examines the contrast of the Israelite army and David in comparision to the church today from the passage of scripture found in 1 Samuel 17.

I Saw the Lord

Pastor Donnie shares a word of encouragement in the message “I Saw The Lord”. What do you do when it seems all hope is lost. There is a some great strength we can learn form Isaiah in his response to the death of his king.

Be All You Can Be

Pastor Donnie shares some timeless truths from the book by John Maxwell “Be All You Can Be.” There is a difference in a person that has a dream and a dreamer. This lesson helps lead you to turning those dreams into a reality in your life. To go from being average to being successful.

Protecting Your Torch

Jesus said “You are the light of the world”. Pastor Donnie takes a look at what it takes to keep that light burning in the message “Protecting Your Torch”

Before the Fire

We love to hear about the victories, the miracles, the “Fire” coming down from God… but with every victory there is a trial or test… Pastor Donnie shares some insight from the life of Elijah in the message “Before the Fire”.